Emilio Pujadas

Suck It Up

Suck It Up


Suck It Up is a 3D Multiplayer Brawler made for Train Jam 2018. Players battle Roombas by using the knife strapped on their front and pop the 3 balloons on their opponent's back. Manipulate the fog of war that covers the play area to sneak around and get the jump on your enemy.


My role

System Design - In real life, Roombas use sensors to avoid obstacles as they roam within a room. As such, they never truly have a full view of a room's layout. We thought it would be interesting to gamify that by having the players be able to manipulate a fog of war that covers the play space. It led to a game with an interesting predator vs prey feeling where chased players can escape into the shadows and come around for the sneak attack.

UI/UX Design - As this was a Train Jam game I wanted to make the menu system as simple as possible to navigate. During actual gameplay there is no pause screen and you just hold escape to get back to the main menu. I took inspiration from Undertale's Hold to Quit control. 

Producer Throughout our 52 hour journey across the United States, I created a Agile flow that fit our team's needs. Using a simple text document I wrote down and prioritized tasks as the team decided them. I used the MUSCOW method and sorted out tasks into Must Should Could and Won't categories and guided the team to make sure we focused our interests on the Musts and the Coulds.

Train Jam 2018

Peanut Gallery | Train jam 2018

Emilio Pujadas                          Design
Andrew Dillon                           Tech
Michael Garner                        Audio
Christopher Spindel                Art