Emilio Pujadas

School's Out

School's Out


School's Out is an Action Stealth Game that tasks the player with breaking into a high-tech game school in order to turn in their homework. Outmaneuver security guards, cameras, and a sentient school on the fritz! 


My role

Mechanics Design - Crafted mechanics such as the robotic janitors and the DigiBalls that created interesting ways to navigate the levels, in a similar vein to Klei's Mark of the Ninja, but at a much lower scope.

Level Design - Utilized the diverse mechanics to create levels that challenged the player's mastery. I spent an extra amount of time developing the final level: a labyrinth in which the player must sneak their way into the center to destroy the sentient school's core. 



Emilio Pujadas                          Designer
Jash Bangdiwala                      Producer, Core Engine Programmer
Alexander Sheppard               Graphics, UI Programmer
Andrew Kerr                             Physics Programmer
Chia-Hao Ching                        Tech Lead
William Podpechan                  Lead Artist
Daniel Sayed Ebrahim            Concept Artist