Emilio Pujadas

The 100 Year Locust

The 100 Year Locust


The 100 Year Locust is an Action Adventure game built in Unreal Engine 4 where players must take down an army of robots and the factory that produces them in order to halt a cancerous growth of technology from spreading to the rest of the universe.


My role

Level Design - Designed and whiteboxed a collection of dungeons that followed the same design principles as those found in the Legend of Zelda series. I first created paper prototypes, tested and refined them, and then built the whiteboxes using BSPs in Unreal Engine 4. These were then put down the pipeline using Perforce so that artists could model props, create materials and arrange lighting.

Narrative Design - Worked together with art and audio to weave a morally driven story that explores the concept of techno-optimism. We are in the process of creating our own universe in which to set our characters and their adventure in.

Production - Oversaw an Agile production that allowed the team the flexibility and flow of communication to make the best use of their time and come together as a collective whole.

Pizza Spring 2018

Pizza | Class of 2017-2018

Emilio Pujadas                          Producer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer
Jonjo Fourie                              Game Director, Art Lead, Concept Artist
Carlie Olson                              Design Lead
Emmeline Estrampes              UI/UX Designer
Mark Smith                               Technical Lead
Stefan Lande                             AI Progammer
Rebecca Mayfield                    Tools Programmer
Michael Garner                        Composer, Sound Designer
Ian Kole                                      Audio Programmer
Christopher Spindel                Environment Artist
Grant Leeder                            Texture Artist
Sophia Abouzeid                      Lead Animator
Nathan Mesanna                     VFX Artist, Animator, Narrative Designer
Caroline Zanchetta                 Character Artist
Emily Skopp                              Illustrator