Emilio Pujadas

Dye or Die

Dye or Die


Dye or Die is a Territory Control Party Game in which up to four players fight to dye as much of the board in their color all while keeping an eye on opponents trying to take over their capital and kill them. Use an assortment of power-ups to take the advantage and destroy your opponents!


My role

Producer - Guided our hopeful freshmen team to new heights, by taking in audio designers for the first time and managing team dynamics.

UX Designer - Constructed a tutorial that taught an abstract game in the simplest, most intuitive way possible.

Level Designer - Crafted levels in our proprietary Java level editor that encouraged frantic, competitive play.


Pizza | Class of 2016

Emilio Pujadas                    Producer, Level Designer, UX Designer
Carlie Olson                        Creative Director
Mark Smith                         Technical Director
Sean Reynolds                    Project Manager
Kristen Scherer                 Testing Manager
Michael Garner                  Audio Lead
Drake Parker                      Sound Designer