Emilio Pujadas




DragonFishing is an Action Adventure Open World RPG running off of an custom engine, built entirely in C++. Players take on the role of a dragon fisher and go on a quest to save their uncle Ernest. On their journey, commandeering their own airship, visit the city of Skyvana, and face the mighty Leviathan.


My role

Level Design - Organizing the open world and crafting the spaces where players fight the Elder Dragons.

Narrative Design - Drawing from my own Cuban heritage, I was in charge of telling a story that mixed fantastical dragons and airships with Cuba in the era of Ernest Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea.

Producer - Organized communication within a team of artists, programmers, designers and a composer to maximize efficiency in our workflow and keep a consistently high team morale.


Pizza | Class of 2016-2017

Emilio Pujadas                          Producer, Level Designer, Narrative Designer
Carlie Olson                              Game Director
Emmeline Estrampes              UI/UX Designer
Pamela Wolf                              Tech Director
Mark Smith                               Graphics Programmer
Michael Garner                        Composer, Sound Designer
Jonjo Fourie                              Art Director
Christopher Spindel               3D Artist
Grant Leeder                            Creature Artist
Sophia Abouzeid                      Character Artist